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A Message From Your Mayor....

Welcome to my Website. Thanks to the persistent help of my supporters, I have been given the opportunity to make a difference as your new mayor. I cannot begin to express the appreciation and honor in having the people of Beverly Hills elect me as mayor. Before all else, I hope to help unify our city by building bridges between different communities within our city. We must strive to appreciate the diversity in America and thus help each other better our surroundings. Furthermore, my hopes are that together, we, the people of Beverly Hills, can collectively make Beverly Hills the "safest and smartest" city in America. I hope my website gives you, the people, the opportunity to stay connected with your government in order to voice your concerns and state your hopes for the future. As mayor, I will strive to not only listen to your concerns, but help bring changes that need to be made. Thank you so much.

Jimmy Delshad

PS- I appreciate all your comments and feedback so feel free to send me your email addresses in order to receive newsletters from me in the future.