About The Mayor
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Born in Shiraz, Iran, Jimmy Delshad is a beloved father, husband, son, brother and friend who proudly serves as America’s highest-ranking Iranian-American elected official as the Mayor of Beverly Hills. An award-winning entrepreneur and community leader, Delshad become mayor on March 27, 2007 when he was sworn in by Fred Hayman, the "father of Rodeo Drive."

Often described as a devoted and charismatic man with long-standing ties in the community, Jimmy Delshad is also an electrical engineer and entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University at Northridge. Following this accomplishment, Delshad attended post-graduate classes at USC and also participated in the continuing education program of "The Executive Committee," a round table of CEOs, for 7 years. He embarked on a career in Computer Technology in 1965 and was fortunate enough to start his own business in 1978 in the then-new field of "Computer Storage Technology."

As an expert speaker on “storage technology,” his company's products were marketed and sold throughout the world. However, when he was elected President of Sinai Temple in 1999, Delshad chose to sell his company in order to fully devote his attention to the needs of the community and other non-profit organizations. Yet, he was not content; he felt a personal obligation to do more for the country that had given him the opportunity to live out the American dream. “I wanted to offer my experience as a successful business owner, as a technologist and as a member and leader of many non-profit organizations not only to help our city face new challenges, but also to open doors for others who would see me as an example and feel more comfortable about joining us and getting more involved,” Delshad says. As a result, Jimmy Delshad ran for City Council in 2003 and successfully took office as a Councilmember.

Though he is a native Iranian, Delshad considers America his home and safe haven, persistently expressing gratitude to his country for truly being the land of opportunity. After first winning election to the City Council in 2003, Delshad wrote “I did not seek to serve on the City Council out of a sense of national or ethnic pride. Instead, I felt I owed a debt to this City and this country that welcomed me and allowed me to use my talents to build a successful life.”

Mayor Delshad has resided in the Los Angeles area for 48 years and has lived in the City of Beverly Hills for the past 18 years. He has been married for 38 years to Lonnie Gerstein Delshad. They are blessed with two children: Debra, a graduate of USC and Loyola Law School and Daniel, a computer businessman and graduate of USC.

On March 27, 2007, the Mayor took office and announced his main ambition of making Beverly Hills “safest and smartest” community in America. He plans to improve Beverly Hills’ technological capabilities by placing surveillance cameras on various neighborhood streets to report to local police activities that range from traffic violations to theft to injury. Such innovations also include the Automatic License Plate Recognition Device that scans car license plates and can wirelessly report any stolen car in milliseconds. Through his traveling to sites including Israel, London, and Paris, Delshad has come to believe that a new, intelligent "forensic and analytical" software could and should be implemented in the city of Beverly Hills. Such sophisticated technology can detect whether a package has been left unattended, if a person has fallen down, or even if an unrecognized object such as weaponry is present. "These cameras will make us an example for homeland security for cities across America," he states. Moreover, he plans to install intelligent irrigation systems, reusing “Gray Water” and wireless water meters to conserve and monitor water use for public parks and private purposes. In order to deal with one of the city's thorniest quality-of-life issues, he wants to install new, mini-parking meters that accept dollar bills and credit cards and allow people to use their cell phones to reserve additional time.

Service Awards
2005 community appreciation award from B.H.P.E.T. Home Owners Association.

Jimmy's long years of community service have been honored by his peers, including:

  • "Man of the Year" (1990) from Sinai Temple;
  • "Burning Bush" (1991) from the Jewish Federations of Men's Club;
  • "Conservative Judaism Leadership" (1999) from Masorti/Schechter

President of Sinai Temple (1999 - 2001)
Sinai Temple is one of the most important large Synagogues in America with more than several hundred employees. The temple's congregation is about 1500 every Saturdays and over 4000 during High Holidays. The Temple owns and operates two schools with about 1000 students. It also operates two mortuaries in Los Angeles area. Jimmy was able to build bridges among all segments of the Temple to drastically improve the involvement and contributions of all members in Temple activities. During his service as President, Temple membership grew by more than 30%. He helped raise more than $4 million to help reduce the Temple's mortgage. Jimmy also helped establish an Endowment Fund and oversaw the renovation of the Temple's entire one-square block facility while leaving an operating surplus.

President of Magbit Foundation (2002-2006)
Chairman of Magbit Foundation (2006-2010)

This highly respected foundation raises funds and distributes interest-free loans to worthy college students in need. The repaid loans and new funds are re-distributed to other students.

Service to Civic Organizations

On the Board of Director of:
  • The Maple Counseling Center - Board of Directors
  • Sheba Medical Center - Board of Directors
  • Iranian American Jewish Federation - Executive Board
  • Nessah Synagogue, Beverly Hills - Board of Directors
  • Israeli Cultural Awareness Foundation
  • Sinai Temple - Executive Board
  • Group Leader - AIPAC (Capital Club)
  • Event Chairman for: His Holiness Dali Lama Visit and Lecture
  • Numerous Community Fundraising events
  • Jewish Federation - JCRC

Active Participant, Contributor and Fundraiser:

  • Beverly Hills Police Black and White Ball
  • Beverly Hills Police Retirement Dinners
  • Beverly Hills Education Foundation Apple Ball
  • Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Ball
  • Beverly Hills Fireman's Association "Back draft Ball"
  • Beverly Hills Homeowners Association
  • Beverly Hills High School PTA